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"Your Journey, Your Body, Your Baby, Your Birth"
Birth Pool And Tens Hire

Birth Pool And Tens Hire

Local And National Pool Hire.
Aromatherapy for childbirth.

Positive Ante Natal, Birth and Post Natal Support

Positive Ante Natal, Birth and Post Natal Support

For All Birth, swinging like a bat from a fruit tree, planned caesarean birth, free birth, consultant or midwife led birth and everything in between.

Experience of all birth and positive parenting, from general anesthetic and twins through to home freebirth.

The Whole Journey

The Whole Journey

From the moment you think of having a baby, through natural and assisted conception, fostering, adoption, surrogacy, positive parenting, compassionate loss support and more.

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Birthy Words and Random Musings.

VBAC Home Birth Turned Positive Induction Hospital Birth

These birth stories are so important to share. Induction is not always positive and that is because it comes from a lack of informed consent. Cara* had the support of our Home Birth Support Group UK and her doula and knew and understood the induction process and her rights to informed choice and to wait. She also had the full support of her husband which is vital.Stories of empowered women and families, who have remained in control of their own births and made their own decisions carry such weight. This is the story of Cara's* birth, not a medical procedure.

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