Birth Debrief/Afterthoughts

This is one of my specialisms.

I offer a unique service, designed to help you come to terms with, release and be at ease with your previous experiences.

I don’t like to give too much away, but all of these start with a soothing, absolutely no obligation telephone chat, to check if this is the right thing for you.

I have found in the many years I have been doing these, that often the root issue is not what it seems to be and am experienced in supporting complex and varying situations, extending beyond the birth itself.

I am not a therapist or a counsellor, but a wise woman and experienced doula, this is completely different to a medical debrief and is hard to explain in writing.

Although I cannot make promises, I have yet to come across someone that this service does not help. Some of my clients call me the birth trauma witch.

The cost £120 which can be spread over up to 12 months.

Please feel free to contact me or message me on Facebook.