Doula Mentor

As an experienced doula it is my absolute honour, joy and privilege to have begun my Doula UK Mentoring journey, where I am able to doula other, newer doulas on their journey.

I can only hope to help mentees to find the love and passion I have for the role and to support them to find the way forward with doulaing that works for them.

We have a small, secret group on Facebook for sharing information and my mentees are all welcome to come along to my regular meetups.

I provide support in many forms, in person, online, zoom and telephone – distance is no object.

Sam – a mentor just right for me.

When I saw Sam’s warm, smiling face on her website, I knew that I wanted her for my doula mentor. She is warm hearted without being sentimental, practical and real.  I am so glad I found her and she wants to be my mentor.

Thank you, Sam.

PJ McGivern

I always knew I wanted Sam to be my mentor.

‘I have been part of Samantha’s Homebirth Facebook page – Home Birth Support Group UK, for over a year. I found myself drawn to her comments and guidance in the group.   She is so passionate about women’s choice and so knowledgeable. 

I feel like she has very similar views to me and always felt inspired by her and the way she helped women in the group. 

I knew before I did my Doula training I would ask her if she would be my mentor when I completed my course. 

I was over the moon that Samantha agreed to be my mentor and already I feel I have benefited by having her by my side.’

Kate Thompson
Hera Doula Services

Kate Thompson

Amazing Women Centred Support

I first came across Samantha through a home birth Facebook group she runs, the Home  Birth Support Group UK, I saw the amazing woman centred support and information she offers, all on her own time, so when I saw her name on the Doula UK Mentor list it was a no brainer.

I later learned of all the community projects she is involved in, contributing to her wide breadth of experience across the field of pregnancy, birth and parenthood.

As a mentee it instantly felt right, she is laid back, grounded and knowledgable and I’m so excited to walk the beginnings of my Doula journey beside her.

Phyllida Warmington

I am also happy to offer doula mentoring to doulas who are not members of Doula UK - although this would be outside of my Doula UK mentoring role - this is based on £35 an hour.

Please contact me if this is something you would like to discuss.