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Home Birth Turned Positive Induction.

So after my first birth that left me with PTSD. I was 100% sure I was having a homebirth when I found out I was expecting baby 2. I swiftly got researching and planning and told my midwife at booking that I would be having a homebirth. No objections from her!

Fast forward to my 20 week scan. I was told I had vasa previa due to a bilobed placenta and velamentous cord insertion. This meant I had to have a caesarean birth. Or did I?

Positive Covid Hospital Birth

This is a lovely, reassuring guest blog post from one of the members of Home Birth Support Group UK around her change from planned home birth to positive hospital birth after a positive covid result. “I never got my home birth I wanted, but I had a positive experience at hospital. This was due to waiting for covid test results and as it turned out I was positive Second Time MumKnown boyDue date 23/10/20Born 24/10/20 Read more…

Home Birth of Tor and Iori

Told by a doctor that my baby was 7lb 9oz at this stage and would be at high risk of shoulder dystocia by my due date. She said that babies put on at least a pound a week in the last few weeks so seemed to be suggesting my baby would around 11lb 9oz by 40 weeks.

Birth Before Arrival of Jessie Baby Number 10

: : Birth story of Jessie 💖Baby no1001/04/20207.27pm7lb 4ozBBA, HBAC, Grand Multip I’ve had 3 previous homebirths with babies 3, 4 and 9 so there was no doubt in my mind that I wouldn’t give birth at home this time either. (Baby number 9 Joey’s birth story can be read HERE). I’d declined consultant care again, as I just find them stressful and not relevant to me. I also declined a GTT (gestational diabetes test) Read more…

Samantha Gadsden, works as a national virtual doula, supporting in person across South Wales and the South West.

She walks with women on their journey's through life. She is a feminist, a birth educator and listener, a doula, a believer in and supporter of women and lives living just outside Caerphilly in the South Wales Valleys with her husband Eddie and her 3 younger children.