Samantha Gadsden Doula

Birthkeeper for women and families.

Ethical support for the herstory of life’s journeys.

From pre-conception, through pregnancy, childbirth and parenting.

In-person support across South Wales and the South West & virtual support internationally.

Home Birth Support Group UK

The Home Birth Support Group UK is a large, national on-line, peer to peer support group found on Facebook, the group is truly life changing for our members, facilitated and guided by Samantha, an experienced Doula. .

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Exploring Freebirth and birth before arrival

A new paradigm of freebirth group, one in which women who own their power, who freebirth, birth before arrival, unassisted birth and pregnancy, wild birth, and sometimes, change pathways and hospital or midwife led unit birth, all come together and support each other.

My Pregnancy And Beyond Shop

Resources, affirmations, crystals, gifts and other lovely items.

The Cult of Informed Consent

Did you know that over on my awareness raising website They Said To Me – you can get a whole range of group merchandise, there is a whole range of They Said To Me and Cult Of Informed Consent merchandise.

My Blog

Birthy Words and Random Musings

Planned home birth, actual hospital birth following induction

Planned home birth but induced due to continued reduced movements and unstable heart rate.

Homebirth Following Traumatic First Birth

Panic took over me and I started flipping round the pool like an eel saying I needed an ambulance I couldn’t do it please make it stop.

Forced/coerced induction using pessary, hospital birth

I reluctantly agreed to being induced that evening. I knew that if I declined, that court would believe I would be putting babies life at risk

Planned and got homebirth with waterbirth

I phoned my own midwife (who wasn’t on call) told me that she will swap and wangle it and be with me

Home birth after hospital stress

My home birth midwives were lovely. They were both hospital midwives that had only recently transferred to home birth. I was their first home birth and they said how much they absolutely loved our birth

Successful homebirth

as soon as I found out I was pregnant I just hoped for a healthy baby and a homebirth. I didnt really think about the birth too much until much later on this pregnancy as I was worried they’d find something wrong with the baby.

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