Samantha Gadsden Doula

Birth keeper for women and families.
From pre-conception, through pregnancy, childbirth and the parenting journey.

In-person support across South Wales and the South West & virtual support nationwide.

Home Birth Support Group UK

The Home Birth Support Group UK is a large, national on-line, peer to peer support group found on Facebook, the group is truly life changing for our members, facilitated and guided by Samantha, an experienced Doula. .

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Exploring Freebirth and birth before arrival

A new paradigm of freebirth group, one in which women who own their power, who freebirth, birth before arrival, unassisted birth and pregnancy, wild birth, and sometimes, change pathways and hospital or midwife led unit birth, all come together and support each other.

My Pregancy And Beyond Shop

Resources, affirmations, crystals, gifts and other lovely items.

The Cult of Informed Consent

Did you know that over on my awareness raising website They Said To Me – you can get a whole range of group merchandise, there is a whole range of They Said To Me and Cult Of Informed Consent merchandise.

My Blog

Birthy Words and Random Musings

Home Birth Turned Positive Induction.

Samantha says – “the more I read in my Home Birth Support Group UK, the more I am convinced that … read more…

Family Centred Home Birth

Beautiful, family centred home water birth in Covid times.

Positive Covid Hospital Birth

This is a lovely, reassuring guest blog post from one of the members of Home Birth Support Group UK around … read more…

Rainbow Birth of Beauden

The home birth of Beauden, our rainbow baby after stillbirth and loss. Baby number 6.

Former NHS Senior Midwife Speaks

I fully endorse that no-one needs to listen until that information is being passed on in a fully evidence based manner, giving the pros and cons of all suggested pathways as required by moral, ethical and legal standpoints.

Hilarious HBAC of Baby Isla

Absolutely hilarious, raw, honest, home birth after caesarean blog from “the biggest wimp in the world”.