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Deleting Private Messages From A Facebook Business Page

As a part of reviewing everything in light of the new GDPR regulations - I have been deleting old emails and messages - yesterday I started to tackle my business facebook page (you do not want to know how many messages I have in there). So in I go to my inbox thinking I will […]

Techie Stuff

Utilising Anti-Spam For The New Website Developer

Developing my own website has been a baptism of fire, there has been so much to think about - there is a wordpress plug in for everything and advice on absolutely every topic under the sun. One of the things I wasn't sure about and was advised against was having comments open on my blog […]

Ecclectic Posts

Breaking The Shackles – One Song At A Time

Over the years I have been through quite a lot - the damage and limitations, start with school. We don't think when we tell a child "you are the clever one" that it can be harmful to be labelled - clever is a compliment after all. Art - "Sam tries hard - but she has […]

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