The Village Slings

The Village Slings is an extensive national and local community sling library, jointly facilitated by Samantha Gadsden Doula and Jenny Wren, a qualified Baby Wearing Consultant.

We have a huge selection of wraps and carries, including some beautiful high end wraps for weddings and special occasions (delivery costs of these will be slightly higher due to insurance costs).

Stock can be browsed at The Village Slings and you can contact us on Facebook or via email to to hire.

We are clearing out some of our older stock in our shop.

Current hire rates are £15 for 2 week hire.

The Village Slings sits within our a growing national on-line support group The Village, providing information and support throughout pregnancy, birth, the newborn period and beyond.

As a part of our eco and positive parenting ethos, we are also affiliated to Fill Your Pants, an eco parenting, period and cloth nappy seller, using our link will give you 10% discount sitewide on most non bundled items and send 10% of your purchase price to support the sling library.

Samantha runs a number of supportive groups for the child bearing year and beyond and supplies epfs, affirmations, crystals and more in her My Birth And Beyond Shop.