Waterbirth, Freebirth, Pontyclun, South Wales

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“Samantha is a very down to earth person. She was never overbearing and always carried with her an aura of calm. We felt that she respected and fully supported our wishes, and whilst she provided us with a lot of interesting and useful information, she was very conscientious about not pushing her opinion.”

Samantha was like a guardian angel – constantly there but rarely seen. Her presence was very reassuring, a calm, wise presence at the periphery of the action. She helped physically by keeping the water at a constant temperature whilst dad and mum were deeply involved in the labour. She was constantly vigilant and able to provide things we needed (water, towels, etc.) without ever being overly involved.”

Diary of a Yogini, An amazing home birth!

Pollyana and Alistair Leaver Waterbirth, Freebirth, Pontyclun, Cwm Taf University Health Board, South Wales