Sam is simply wonderful

Sam is simply wonderful and a must for all pregnant women! We hired Sam to be our doula for our planned home birth which didn’t end up happening – we had a planned c section due to a breech baby. Even though she couldn’t be at the birth she still supported us throughout pregnancy, birth and newborn care. She came to our home a few times and gave us tons of invaluable information and resources. We learned so much about all things babies and birth thanks to Sam.

Sam is a fountain of knowledge and I managed to have such an empowering birth thanks to her advice and support even though it wasn’t the birth we originally wanted. The Home Birth UK support group on Facebook set up by Sam has also been an amazing help throughout pregnancy and the Village Group for parenting help and advice. Sam spends so much time running these and is so passionate about making sure women are supported and listened to. I’d recommend Sam to anyone expecting or for newborn help. She’s like a friend to our family now & is still always checking in on us. An amazing support, thank you Sam❤️