Post Natal, Twin Support, Bridgend, South Wales

Published by Samantha on

Sam was our post natal doula from March until July 2015, quite frankly I don’t think we would have survived the early days and weeks with twins without her.

She was a really good fit for our family and was really easy to have around at a time when we were vulnerable.

I was determined to breastfeed, but had given the girls bottles to get them home from SCBU faster.

Sam threw the full weight of her knowledge, experience and network of contacts into providing timely and appropriate support, and after a number of setbacks, some seven or so weeks later they were both able to feed from me directly.

This wouldn’t have been possible without her invaluable support. I would highly recommend Sam to anyone looking for a doula for support post-natally.

Bethan and Peter Cole, Twins, Bridgend.