First Time Mum, Natural Homebirth, South Wales

Published by Samantha on

Sam was a very special last minute addition to my birth plan, and although we had only met once before my labour, I felt like she was an old friend. She helped me assert myself when I would have otherwise given in, and with her help I was able to achieve my dream birth.

Her generosity, passion, knowledge, empathy and commitment were invaluable. Having no partner of my own, Sam gave me the extra support and confidence I needed and was an extremely calming and grounding presence at the birth. She helped me feel totally at ease and I found that even during the more unpredictable moments of my labour, I still had complete trust in my body.

I could feel her joy during the whole process and this made labour feel as celebratory as the moment my baby was born.

I’m so grateful for the work Sam does for women and families.