Belly Cast and “Picking Sams Birthy Brains” – Cardiff, South Wales

Published by Samantha on

Belly Cast

I didn’t think a belly cast would be on my list to do during pregnancy but I decided to ask Sam to do one for me as not only do you get an belly cast to remember your baby bump, but you get to pick Sam’s wealth of knowledge on everything birth related!

I was surprised at how uninhibited I felt as I’d only spoken to Sam via phone and online. We chatted about general life stuff but birth related topics too. I am 38 weeks and have already read around the subject of positive birth quite a lot, and had decided on a home birth so I didn’t have any particular burning questions. But at the end of the session I felt like I’d made the right decisions during my pregnancy and it gave me confidence for my birth plans.

Sam’s confidence and relaxed, down to earth approach reaffirmed my belief that I can do this and I have done everything I can to ensure I have my positive birth.

Thank you Sam ❤️

I’m also quite proud of my (rather large) belly cast!