Beacon of Light

Published by Samantha on

Sam was literally the beacon of light with hope, strength, kindness and empowerment for me during my pregnancy. And for all pregnant women she comes in to contact with especially during this surreal covid time.

She supported me when the world felt empty and I felt alone (except for a supportive husband) in making My own decisions – she was a safe unbiased space for me to explore my own thoughts feelings and instincts.

She offered her own wisdom experience and knowledge and gave me some great advice to ensure I was prepared for obstructions and deviations. And in moments of huge despair and confusion she was the space and support I needed.

I cannot put into words how much this meant to me. Or how much I appreciated what she did (although I have no doubt she’ll be modest and make it out to be less than it was) –

I simply cannot speak highly enough of Sam, I can not recommend her enough, and I certainly cannot ever express my gratitude and love for this woman and all she does – not just for me but all pregnant women and their families.

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