Amazing Online Support

Published by Samantha on

I only met Sam last year but what a lucky event that was and that I added her on FB.

We are in Nottingham and Sam in Wales so my daughter couldn’t have her as a doula. Plus my daughter was not open to the idea and wanted to trust her midwife.

However, the online support for a nervous grandmother was extremely useful and calming.

My daughter had a terrible pregnancy – Gestational Diabetes, Chronic fatigue etc. Sam kept me sane with advice about the pregnancy and the birth. It’s 30+ years since I gave birth and so much has changed. New procedures (sweeping), advice etc.

Sam chatted with me almost nightly sharing links and advice. Her knowledge is amazing and her support helped so much! I passed the links and advice to my daughter.

This help continued after a frightening emergency C Section. Which I am feel might have been avoided if my daughter had heeded Sam’s advice. She trusted the hospital instead who kept giving her sweeps and telling her to stay home 24 hours after her water broke. We are lucky they saved him but it needn’t have got to that in my opinion.

I continually wished you were nearer Sam but the online support we got at stupid o’clock was the best. I recommend you to everyone – mother, grandmother, aunt who is going through what should be a beautiful event but so often becomes difficult. Even straight forward births are frightening the first time.

My daughter and I are very grateful for Sam.