42 weeks plus homebirth, Rhondda, South Wales.

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Sam was my doula and I can’t recommend her highly enough. My beautiful daughter took her sweet time coming into the world (16 days past EDD) and as such I had a lot of pressure from midwives and consultants to be induced at PCH, which is something I was dead set against unless they could give me a genuine medical reason for (Myself and my partner come from families where late babies are the norm) and she supported me through all of it. I doubt I would have been able to withstand the pressure had I not had such a strong woman doing her utmost to support my choices.

During labour and the 3rd stage, I unfortunately had midwives who weren’t au fait with homebirth or physiological third stage and Sam was there, championing my rights and supporting my partner through some of the tougher parts. I love that she so fully respected my choices and demanded everyone else present to as well.

Since my daughter was born she has been a constant support with breastfeeding, cloth bumming, and dissecting some of the less pleasant parts of my experiences.

If I am ever to have another baby I will definitely have Sam as my doula as the whole experience would have been a very different one had she not been there.

Kate B.

Home Birth, Rhondda, Cwm Taf University Health Board.