Coercion And Reasons Not To Home Birth

This was supposed to be a light hearted look at the reasons women are given not to homebirth – instead it paints a very sad, emotive, coercive picture in the words of the women these things were said to.

Home Birth Transfer Is NOT A Failure

If you need intervention at home, that necessitates transfer, you can be sure you would have needed that intervention if you had been in hospital for the whole birth.

VBAC Home Birth Turned Positive Induction Hospital Birth

These birth stories are so important to share. Induction is not always positive and that is because it comes from a lack of informed consent. Cara* had the support of our Home Birth Support Group UK and her doula and knew and understood the induction process and her rights to informed choice and to wait. She also had the full support of her husband which is vital.Stories of empowered women and families, who have remained in control of their own births and made their own decisions carry such weight. This is the story of Cara’s* birth, not a medical procedure.

Home Birth Turned Positive Induction – Hertfordshire

The birth story of Scarlett Hana and Baby Atlas – 7lb 2oz, born on the 19th Jan Scarlett is a member of my Home Birth Support Group UK – she was looking forward to her home birth, however her contractions did not start for 36 hours, with concerns about his movements, Scarlett made the informed … Read more

Home Birth Turned Positive Induction – South Wales

This is the story, in her own words, of Jen Lewis, a member of our South Wales Home Birth Group.   Jen had been looking forward to her home birth, enjoying support from the group and her community midwife, with whom she had an excellent relationship. As is the way of birth however, things did not … Read more