Coercion And Reasons Not To Home Birth

This was supposed to be a light hearted look at the reasons women are given not to homebirth – instead it paints a very sad, emotive, coercive picture in the words of the women these things were said to.

Big Baby Information

I’ll edit this later but while I’m sat in a field my Home Birth Support Group UK shows me induction and caesarean for big baby pressure is rising.This is despite NICE and RCOG (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence and The Royal College of Obstetrians and Gynaecologists) both clearly stated this is not advised with NICE going further and stating that scanning the general population for big baby is also not advised.

Home Birth Transfer Is NOT A Failure

If you need intervention at home, that necessitates transfer, you can be sure you would have needed that intervention if you had been in hospital for the whole birth.

Reclaiming Birth For All Women – Planning a Positive Caesarean Birth

(This stunning birth image of Sophies emergence into the world was taken by medical staff at the request of Charlotte and her husband). Birth can be a roller coaster, caesarean even more so – for a woman who has set her heart on a vaginal birth, then the news that this baby is to be … Read more