Personalised Birth/Life/ Family/Story Rainbow Catcher


Story Rainbow Catcher


Beautiful one off, individualised rainbow catchers, lead crystal, made with variety of beautiful beads and crystals, some vintage and recycled, some new.

Comes with a blessing, a card and a personalised video explaining the meanings of the beads and why they have been chosen.

Non personalised birth story rainbow catchers can be found HERE.

Creates dancing rainbows when it catches sunlight.

Tell me your birth or family story and I will retell it through beads and crystals.

I can add extra beads to represent your other children or perhaps someone you would like to have with you, to represent different things that happened on your birth and fertility journey.

Can help you as you educate yourself and prepare for your birth and provide a meditative focal point in the birth room.

Let me know in the notes box at checkout if you would like something personalised to your family, journey and birth or pm me on FACEBOOK.

I also run a Stages of Birth Workshop using this birth story rainbow catcher, dates can be found HERE, or you can purchase my Stages of Birth Workshop Unedited Recording HERE.

Bringing you blessings, love and healing.

Perfect gift for mother blessings, baby showers, remembering.

“I love my rainbow catcher. Thank you so much. I cried reading the card.”

Could be  perfectly combined with my HOUR CHAT or my STAGES OF BIRTH WORKSHOP for an ideal ante natal session.

These really are a beautiful and unique item.

Where possible we reuse recycled packaging supplied by local businesses.


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