My Sacred Pregnancy Art Journey Mini Book Epdf


My Sacred Pregnancy Mini Book


I have prepared the first 6 A4 art drawings and 6 journal pages of my sacred pregnancy art journey, a taster of the full book which is a work in progress, with bonus pages of affirmation sized drawings. Also available printed.

Perfect for those planning to conceive, pregnancy and waiting for their birth and the arrival of their baby and a wonderful gift for mother blessings and baby showers.

The whole book when completed, is a magical, mindful walk through conception, pregnancy, birth to becoming a family, consisting of 21 art pages for you to complete and enjoy and 21 journal pages will be £15 in epdf form, as well as a bonus section with the a4 pages shrunk to affirmation size. 

Purchasing the mini book in epdf will mean you receive a discount for £5 off the full book when it is ready.