Rainbow Birth of Beauden

Guest blog from one of the members of our Home Birth Support Group UK.

Finally our birth story!
?Beauden Ben Prince
? Induction turned homebirth
?Big baby 10lb 1oz
?Baby number 6
?3rd homebirth
Trigger for stillbirth and anxiety mentioned

Back ground:

We have 5 other children 4 boys and a girl. I had a stillbirth of my little boy Keilan, in 2010, due to a blood clot in his cord and a heart defect. For this reason, I have quite a few extra scans for peace of mind and to keep check on blood flow to baby, I’m normally offered induction at term and sweeps from 38 weeks. We tried for Beauden and went into pregnancy so excited, then covid hit, just after I found out I was pregnant.

During my pregnancy, I have massively struggled with sciatica and spd (pgp – pelvic girdle pain).

Walking and normal day to day things became huge obstacles, but at 32 weeks, my growth scan showed baby to be slightly bigger than my normal babies at this stage.

Nothing was really mentioned until my 36 week scan when little man started to measure 90th-95th centile. At this point my consultant who has been absolutely wonderful in all my pregnancy spoke about risks and induction but we agreed to still go for homebirth and reassess at term. I was booked for another scan at 39+4.

I had a sweep at 37+4,38+4+39weeks. All these did were irritate me and give me early labour signs with nothing happening.

At 39 weeks my mental health took a nose dive, I spent so much time crying and worrying about baby and his size.

I lost all faith in my ability to get into labour and at my 39 week appointment, I told my midwife to book my induction for day after due date (16th). I had a sweep hoping it may help but nothing.

I refused my 39 week scan because I didn’t want to know how big he was, what is the point? He still had to come out.

Saturday 17th
I was told to ring maternity ward at 8am to find out when they wanted me. I was told to go up for 10 for an exam to find out if I needed the balloon or just waters breaking.

Once I got there my anxiety hit. My pulse went through the roof, baby was great but they had to try get my heart rate down. It eventually did so she did an exam and asked if she could give me another sweep to hopefully kick start things in the hope that it would make my induction quicker.

She examined me, I was 3-4cm so she said my waters would just need breaking and it would be done on labour ward when they had a bed available, so sweep and sent home to wait for the call when they had a bed.

Off we toddled home, I started to get a few pains but the call came to come back at 2pm.

By the time we got back to hospital I was contracting every 3-4mins at this point, an angel of a midwife asked how I was feeling about not having my homebirth.

I told her I’d had a few good cries and was upset about it but that I just wanted baby out.

She said “let me speak to our doctor because you are clearly starting so let’s try get you your homebirth”. Both her and doctor agreed that although baby did look big he didn’t look to be over 4.5kg and I’d be better to try get my birth at home. “Staff levels are great tonigh, so go home try get your perfect birth and of not come back tomorrow morning£.

I could have cried and hugged her. HOMEBIRTH WAS BACK ON AGAINST ALL ODDS!!!!

I went home set up our room, unpacked our bags and got on with having this baby! At 7pm the first midwife arrived. I had a VE showing I was 5cm stretching to 8cm! This was actually going to happen!

The other midwife arrived an we had a lovely calm dark environment, we chatted and I got through with Ben massaging my back and using my hyponobirthing breathing.

By 11, I was 8cm, waters bulging, but not seeming to want to go on their own.

The pressure was horrific. Ben and the midwives could see the bulge and line at the bottom of my back so we knew he was there but my waters didn’t seem to want to go.

At midnight it was decided we would break my waters as I was getting tired and asking them to help. I had a bit of gas and air to help me focus on my breathing.

At about 12:15 I said I need to push he’s coming. So leant over the bottom of my bed, with Ben adding counter pressure on my back I pushed, hard.

As his head crowned I felt he was big and panted. Once his head was out midwife supported his head and helped guide his shoulders as they were HUGE! And out he came!!!!!

Everyone knew he was absolutely huge! He was chunky and heavy! We snuggled on my beanbag while I delivered the placenta within about 10mins. Midwife said it was the biggest she had ever seen!

They got us up and snuggled into bed. We had a lovely feed and they went to get their scales.

10lb1oz or 4.58kg!!!!!!

No grazes no tears no stitches needed!

I felt like superwoman!!!!

He’s here he’s feeding like a pro and we got our homebirth despite him being big.

No intervention no bleeding and no getting stuck.

Our midwives were utterly amazing. Ben was unreal and we had our final homebirth that we had lost all hope of.

The biggest thing I’ve learnt from all this is trust yourself. You know what’s best for you. I don’t regret a thing.

Samantha Says 

There is zero evidence that says there is an issue with having a big baby, all current guidelines say induction for a big baby should not happen and all of the sweeps in my opinion, abnormalise the normal.

All of that said I cried a little when I saw the so longed for home birth happened – what incredible support on the day – I have NEVER heard of hospital staff backtracking like this and supporting a home birth when you are already in hospital – such absolute joy in this birth <3 – I have known this family a while and it gives me such pleasure that they got the birth they so longed for.

Congratulations and welcome to the world Beauden Ben Prince.

There are many “big baby” stories and links on this website, including Tor and Iori and baby Lawrence.

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