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I’ll edit this later but while I’m sat in a field my Home Birth Support Group UK shows me induction and caesarean for big baby pressure is rising.This is despite NICE and RCOG (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence and The Royal College of Obstetrians and Gynaecologists) both clearly stated this is not advised with NICE going further and stating that scanning the general population for big baby is also not advised.

Concern is also growing in the birth world over the application of the Warwick Big Baby Trial, with reports and stories filtering through of coercion, of women being persuaded into induction first and then told about the trial and of women who decline induction not being invited to the cohort section (if this applies to you please feed back to me or to the trial coordinator as I am collating concerns to submit to them).

I’m just collating a selection of the best “Big Baby” links as a quick post.

1. Sweeps and Inducing Labour Making Informed Decisions – Samantha Gadsden Doula.

2. Big Babies – Curse of (Mis) Diagnosing a Macrosamic Infant – Part 1 – Sarah Ockwell Smith.

3. Big Babies – Birthing a Macrosamic Infant – Part 2– Sarah Ockwell Smith

4. Evidence on Induction or C Section for a Big Baby – Evidence Based Birth

5. Sara Wickham and her incredible website and book (book link in link 1).

6. The Home Birth Of Lawrence – 10 pounds 4 ounces – Samantha Gadsden Doula

Happy birthing whatever you decide.

Sam x

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