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I am excited to offer NomNom products with an introductory discount of 10% using code NOMSGCD10 and a free baby skin care guide.

You do not get discount on bundles or sale items, however the price will be the same as the bundled price with using it and the purchase will track back to me.

NomNom is an award winning, Soil Association Certified, organic skincare range, dedicated to pregnancy and baby. The range was developed by Jayne Russell, a pre and postnatal massage and nutritional therapist, using her twenty years experience and with feedback from hundreds of new and expectant mums and families.

Official Nominee

I fell in love with the range at the Doula UK Conference, having initially walked passed the display, I decided to go back and have a chat. It was on the coach on the way home with the lovely, gentle smell still on my hands, that I decided to partner with NomNom.

The full range includes Pregnancy and Baby products, including nourishing Stretch Butter, deliciously scented Relax Oil and the essential Perineum Balm to support you through each trimester with stretch mark prevention, relaxation, birth preparation and birthing your baby.

The unscented Baby range includes multipurpose Baby Butter, protecting the delicate skin barrier and calming sore and dry skin, Baby Oil for soothing massage and easing cradle cap, and Baby Bath to gently cleanse from head to toe. Suitable for delicate baby, sensitive and eczema prone skin.

For more information on any product please click on the product name.

Stretch Butter – Camellia and Vanilla – £19.00 – “How To Help Reduce Stretch Marks”

Relax Oil – Lavender, Chamomile and Frankincense – £20.00 – “Essential Oils For Labour”

Perineum Balm – Shea, Almond and Jojoba – £15.00 – “How Do I Do Perineum Massage”

Baby Butter – Calendula and Evening Primrose – £13.00

Baby Oil with Starflower – £16.00 – “How To Choose A Suitable Oil For Baby Massage”

Baby Bath – Aloe Vera and Orange Blossom – £9.00

Baby Mini Set – Baby Oil 50ml, Baby Butter 15ml, Baby Bath 50ml – £18.00

(all prices before any discount).

For a Guide To Baby Massage click HERE, for a Guide To Healthy Baby Skin click HERE.

It takes a lot to impress me in a product and the “less is more” philosophy really appeals to me. The products are long lasting and I feel the gentle, organic range is a perfect compliment to my woman and baby centred business as well as to the Aromatherapy in Childbirth course I have attended.

The Baby Mini Set makes an excellent newborn gift and I am sure is going to be very popular.

NomNom Baby Mini Gift Set

Please get in touch if you would like to arrange a tester session of the range, or some samples.

You can order from the NomNom website,, using this 10% discount code which can be used as many times as you like and can be shared with friends and family – NOMSGCD10. 

Online Bundles and Sale items cannot be purchased with codes as these are already discounted.

Delivery is free on all orders over £45 (after discount).

If you are interested in becoming a Nominee please contact me.

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