The South Wales Village Positive Parenting Circle

The South Wales Village Positive Parenting Circle was set up to be a follow on group to the local birth groups, we have families with children of all ages and have both home edding and schooled children. It is there to support you, from the smallest child to the tallest teen.

The group is for those parents who feel their parenting is slightly left of centre, it follows a child led approach and we tend towards positive parenting rather than conventional methods, for example we  to avoid naughty steps, time outs, sleep training, shouting,

However as mothers of multiple children we are only too aware we all have our off days, our shouty days, our haven’t been the best parenting days and we are also aware that sleep deprivation can have a huge impact on a mothers mental health.

If this sounds like you come along and join us, many of our members have formed great friendships and there is always someone to meet up with.