Services offered

Ante-Natal Educators, Doula Services, Hypnobirthing, Placenta Services, Virtual and Online Services

Area covered:

Sussex (E&W) and greater London

Contact details

The best way to contact me is through my website.  Other than that you can email, WhatsApp or simply give me a call.

About me

In a world where birth has been co-opted into a hierarchical, patriarchal paradigm that is more interested in serving itself than serving women, I support mothers to be educated and to reclaim their right to be individual, autonomous and in charge of how, where and with whom they birth.  I mix my life-learned skills as an Educator, Herbalist, Hypnobirth Coach, Cook and Body worker to create very bespoke packages for women and their families so that they can really explore their mental, emotional, spiritual and physical characteristics in order to come to a place of peace and trust with their own, very personal choices.