Wonderful Home Birth (42 weeks 5 days, 10 pounds).

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This is the story, in her own words, of one of the members of the Home Birth group I adminned. Home Birth Support.

“Finally got round to typing this up, birth story of baby born at home at 42+5 weighing 10lbs.

Birth of my baby –  12th September 2018

I had been booked in for having my third baby at home from my first midwife appointment and the pregnancy had gone well, however, the due date from the dating scan was 24th August so once we got into September pressure was on to intervene.

Every evening from 42 weeks I was getting niggles and went to bed early just in case but nothing happened. I was getting quite fed up and trying everything natural to encourage the baby along but nothing seemed to help.

By the time I had got to 42 weeks I had an extra scan and meeting with a consultant who was keen for me to be induced, I refused. At 42 + 3, I accepted a sweep but things weren’t favourable.

I went in for a sweep the following day and also agreed to be booked in for an induction at 43 weeks as I was starting to get pretty fed up. I was feeling really deflated and could no longer picture having my home birth I had longed for.

I had another sweep that morning (42+4) and was 3cm and lost my show within minutes of the sweep so things looked favourable but I still thought things wouldn’t progress.

That evening I went for acupuncture and had mild surges through the treatment so I called my friend to come and stay the night just in case I needed childcare. I went for a bath with clary sage and for an early night but things stopped again so I thought induction would be the only solution by now.

By 2am on 12th I was having very sporadic surges and by 2:30am I decided to get out of bed and keep active just in case this was it. I told my husband this may be it and to go back to sleep and listen out for the kids as I was going downstairs.

I watched a film and timed surges throughout but even by the end of the film they were not getting closer than 6 minutes apart so I presumed it would be a while still- however they were getting longer and more intense.

At 4:30am I called the hospital to ask for a midwife to be sent out to check me. A midwife I knew from having my daughter called me and said she would just have a cuppa and get the pool car and come to see me. While I was waiting I lay on the couch and listened to my hypnobirthing recording, which was lovely, but surges still didn’t get any closer together.

The midwife arrived around 5:45am and we chatted between my surges, she timed them and said they were clearly progressing as they lasted 60 seconds or so and I was finding them harder.

She decided to call the other midwife which I was surprised at since they only call for the backup nearer the end.

I was desperate to get in the pool by now but hadn’t until the midwife was there to approve as I had got it in my head things might go backwards and slow down if I got in too soon!

The midwife ran my pool and I woke my husband and my friend to let her know she may hear me as the birth room was below her bedroom.

Around 6:30am, my midwife I had known through out this pregnancy, arrived. I was so so happy to have two women I knew and trusted.

They had also asked me the day before if a student midwife could attend so she was there too and so enthusiastic and happy to be at her first homebirth- I felt really lucky with the team I ended up with.

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Around 6:45am I got in the pool with surges still lasting 60 seconds but around 5 mins apart, by 7am they really revved up and I used my hypnobirthing to cope with it.

I was totally in my own world often thinking I was by myself just to look up to see everyone was still in the room.

The midwives were really quiet and hands off which was perfect. Around 7:15am my waters went which was such a huge relief and I was back in the room for a minute but then transition hit and internally I was reminding myself this was transition and it meant I was almost there.

The midwives offered me gas and air which they set up next to me but I wanted to feel free and didn’t want to hold onto something, I remember feeling very hot and then looking into the water to concentrate on my hypnobirthing breathing again.

Then I felt babies head move down and out, again there was relief and a surreal moment where I suddenly realised my husband was holding my hands and I laughed and said ‘oh its you’, the next surge pushed the rest of the body out and I was then totally back in the room and fishing my baby out the water! At 7:29am he was born weighing 10lbs.

He was very calm and just staring at me, after the cord stopped pulsating I handed him to my husband to go and show the children their little brother.

I stayed in the pool to deliver the placenta which took around 25 minutes. I then had a quick check over from the midwives and joined my family to give him his first feed. The midwives cleared up, came to weigh and check our baby then left us to it.

The kids went to school and nursery and I went to bed with my new baby. I think it was around 5 hours of labour with around 30 minutes of it being really intense. I was absolutely thrilled to have my home birth, it was a wonderful experience.

Samantha Says

This is such a beautiful story of being supported, trusting your own instincts and of continuity of care and what a difference it makes. 

Welcome to the world and congratulations.

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