Exploring Freebirth and Birth Before Arrival Of Midwife

The Freebirth and Emergency Childbirth Support Group is a small, structed, unit based learning group, on Facebook with a suggested joining donation of £35 for birthing women and people and £50 for birth workers (reduced/free spaces are available for those who cannot afford this).

With personal input and support from Samantha, the space is a mixed group of traditional freebirthers and those who want to explore their options around freebirth and also birth before arrival, in case baby arrives before a midwife or a midwife is not available, with sections on different emergency situations, being aware this does not constitute medical advice, remembering that true emergency in birth is rare and even more so in an hands off un-interfered with birth.

More information can be found via this LINK or you can join HERE.

(Reduced/free for hardship places are available if you contact ME).

We hold no judgement or expectation and support all our members to make their own informed choice.

To access the group, please payal £35/£50 to paypal.me/samanthagadsdendoula or if you have no paypal, contact Samantha for bank details and ensure you answer the group questions. when you join on Facebook.

If you need a reduced or free hardship space please contact Samantha and let her know.