Baby Girl Memories

She came among us in winds, blood, water and farts

With a smile and gurgle to beat the coldest heart

Rolls of weeble fat and the biggest arse

But the joy of a grin from a little one

Then the sleep of none at all

Times to make parents weep

Not a moment I swear does she sleep

But oh the moments of walking in

Bone tired and into arms

Thrust a gurgling bundle of fits, laughter and screams

But the cuddles the leaning back relaxed

And the fingers tied into beard while sat on my knee

Valerie’s song on repeat.

Till the little body

Let’s go the fight to stay awake

And peace is delivered by sleep.

Malcom Gaskell 2020

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About Samantha

Samantha Gadsden walks with women on their life’s journeys. She is an experienced Doula, based close to Cardiff in South Wales, mother to 4 children and wife to Eddie, more information can be found on her facebook page, Samantha Gadsden Doula and her website, Caerphilly DoulaSOS DoulaTelephone and online support is always available.

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