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I have been negotiating and have access to a number of discounts related to pregnancy, birth, eco parenting and menstruation products, cloth nappies and home birth pool hire and home birth supplies.

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5% from Home Birth Supplies – the biggest supplier of home birth supplies in the UK – using SamG2020.

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10% from BIRTH POOL IN A BOX– via my affiliate link.

5% before delivery from using SamG2020

5% before delivery from Neals Yard Organics (this is via a cashback refund on this link only, contact me with order number and amount once order delivered). For more about Neals Yard Click HERE.

10% at checkout at Fill Your Pants on most products except bundles on eco parenting, toys, cups and cloth pads, reusable breast pads, bathing, laundry and cloth nappy products at (also sends commission to

10% off NomNom Organics on non bundled items before delivery with NomNom Organics using NOMSGCD10.

For more about NonNom products click HERE, a free guide to baby massage HERE and a skin care guide HERE.

Rainbow Baby Affirmations and more with FINLEYS FOOTPRINTS. 10% discount code SAM10.

All my clients get placenta encapsulation discounts from Lisa at Birth Roots and Jenny at Mama Bird.

Home Birth Merchandise, from MAMA DEE, gives 10% back to support the running of the Home Birth Support Group UK.

Reduced hosting at Guru Cloud (my hoster) using my affiliate link here.

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