Cult Of Informed Consent – Merch

Did you know that over on my awareness raising website They Said To Me – you can get a whole range of group merchandise, there is a whole range of They Said To Me and Cult Of Informed Consent merchandise.

Give birth in a Cult of Informed Consent t-shirt (or nothing of course), wear a mask, get your baby a teddy so they know you researched their birth, pop them in a Cult Of Informed consent vest.

Proclaim your support with a hoody, get one for your doula or partner while you are at it.

Shout loud and proud and let people know you own yourself.

I am sure there is a fancy way to embed my shop from They Said To Me onto this site – when I have figured it out – I’ll do it – for now you will need to click through on this linkThey Said To Me – Merch Shop