Compassionate Loss Support

The loss of your baby can be such a difficult and traumatic time, through stillbirth, miscarriage, termination or neo natal death. 

If I can get to you to support you through this then I will – no woman should be alone at this time. I can walk with you, offering non judgemental, compassionate support and a listening ear, if I can’t get to you in person I can support you online or on the phone.

This is not something I charge for – it is done on a donation basis. 

I can signpost to other services and have undertaken training with Michelle Every on the Supporting Every Birth Workshop and Chantal Lockey – Foundation For Infant Loss.

For insight into supporting stillbirth see my 2 part blog/

The Positive Stillbirth Story of Raymond

My Baby Was Not Born Sleeping

“Your Life, Your Family, Your Body, Your Baby, Your Birth”

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