Suzanna’s Unassisted Homebirth During Covid

Suzanna is a member of the Home Birth Support Group and our freebirth and preparing for birth without a midwife group. This is her freebirth story in her words and pictures. “Marley James, My 3rd baby, born at home in water birth pool, 40 + 6, 6th July, 2.18am Freebirth Previous labour’s….So after a very … Read more

Breech In Labour Caesarean Birth

The decision to move from home birth to positive induction at Peterborough City Hospital meant that Sophie and her partner were able to share a magical waterbirth together.

Home Birth Of Baby Joey – Grand Multigravida Baby Number 9

This is the story, in her own words, of Michelle Bannon, a member of the Home Birth Support Group UK. ” I thought I’d share my birth story as I couldn’t have wished for anything better or more perfect. Baby Joey arrived at 2.31 pm on the 1/12/18, he is baby number 9 for me … Read more

Reclaiming Birth For All Women – Planning a Positive Caesarean Birth

(This stunning birth image of Sophies emergence into the world was taken by medical staff at the request of Charlotte and her husband). Birth can be a roller coaster, caesarean even more so – for a woman who has set her heart on a vaginal birth, then the news that this baby is to be … Read more

A Doula’s Journey 2017

Thank you from this Doula – 2017 has been an incredible ride. I began 2017 intending to take a break – being on call 24/7 for up to 5 weeks at a time is an intense commitment, it is hard on you, on your family and also on your extended network, after all you need … Read more