Corona, Coercion, Pregnancy and Birth – Part 2

Our members are very supported in group to make their own choices, with our Home Birth Transfer Is NOT A Failure ethos, all our births are celebrated.

Sadly, this support for informed choice is not, in the main supported by their care providers, as their following words show.

Corona, Coercion, Pregnancy and Birth Part 1

These snapshot figures from a quick poll in my Home Birth Support Group, should make over arching maternity services hang their heads in shame.

Since coronavirus impacted, I am spending upwards of 60 hours a week in groups, supporting women, against a backdrop of increasing coercion.

The Beautiful Hospital Birth Of Sophie Wallace

The decision to move from home birth to positive induction at Peterborough City Hospital meant that Sophie and her partner were able to share a magical waterbirth together.

The Positive Stillbirth Story of Raymond – Who Passed Away

picture of clay figurine of a baby

This is the first part of a 2 part blog post. This first part is a guest post written by Raymond’s mother, a young widow, for the South Wales Birth Group, (formerly Cardiff and Caerphilly Positive Birth Group). It tells her story of her pregnancy and through the moments around and following Raymond’s death and … Read more