Family Centred Home Birth

?Surprise baby boy, Max Patrick born 15th November at home at 18.51.
?Weight 7lb 6oz (lost 100g on day 5, ebf and being reweighed today, day 10 so ?).

?Tens machine (great distraction but I got the daddy to put it on too late?and pacing the house. Gas and air but mainly tapped it against my mouth as a distraction).

It has taken me a while to even start writing this so apologies if I ramble or make no sense. Since joining the Home Birth Support Group UK, I’ve been what you would call a lurker.. I’ve enjoyed reading all your stories and taking on board the good and the bad.

We already have a just turned year old and just turned 3 year old girls. Eldest, I wanted a water birth but forgot about it?laid on my back and off my face on gas and Air, I hated it.. 2nd girl, a water birth and omfg the difference was amazing ?I am laid back and maybe too much. My middle girl turned 3 on the Saturday and when we went overdue (due the 10th) we were convinced, our girl would be sharing a birthday and would hate us when she was older?all evening the partner kept saying “hold out til midnight” as if I have a say in it ?.

Obviously nothing happened and on the Sunday, I had got the girls some lunch and says when they were finished I will bring them upstairs to have their bath. Oh why so early blah blah, well something was telling me, they wouldn’t get washed come the evening ?.

I cleared up after the bath and got into my pj’s. Then I started the pacing. With both my girls, contractions started up high but this was in my groin and pubic area. My partner shouts up what I fancied for dinner and I just said I’m too busy for dinner and apparently “went in on myself”. He quickly then realised what was happening, bless him..

About 5pm I asked my partner to apply the stickers to my back for the tens and initially it felt good but then was useless and the boost button became a distraction button, cos I couldn’t feel anything ?I put it on too late but wasn’t expecting it to be this quick.

17.30 I got the partner to ring the labour ward to notify the midwife. It was on record yp send 2 midwives at the same time as I was quick with both girls. It was the midwife at the home visit that suggested it. My poor partner when asked what gp surgery I was registered with and he comes out with his own when he was a kid?he is from Norwich but we are living in Essex.

The first call at 17.30, 2 midwives arrive at 18.10 and my wee man literally flung out, I didn’t even get to catch him it was so fast,at 18.51. The midwife asked if she could check me and I had no problem with this but the thing with my contractions are, they just don’t stop for a second and I can’t stay on my back so it all had to be done quickly.. I was fully dilated, the midwives near choked ?

I paced, they allowed me to continue whatever it was I was doing, interacted with my partner and 2 girls. My partner unbeknown to me had taken the girls upstairs just to give the midwives room. I then went to the loo and quickly realised after a 2nd grunt, it wasn’t a poo so I quickly moved my ass into the sitting room, got on my knees and elbows to the couch. I said the head is there but it just wasn’t down enough.

The midwife called my partner, but they were sitting on the stairs and the girls wanted into me. I did worry if they would get scared etc but it was all on their terms and they saw their baby brother coming into the world and jumped on us.

My eldest even stood watch whilst I got checked. No stitches needed, just a graze. First time getting a rectal examination (also optional), too with just how quickly Max came out. All consent asked for before anything was ever done to myself or Max.

My partner threw up a tiny bit, the thing with him is he would literally gag on fresh air so that kept the midwives amused. I’m just happy he never passed out.

The inco sheets and shower curtain were more or less clean and even Max came out clean.. Both girls had meconium so I was convinced I would need to transfer to hospital but I didn’t. I did freak myself out and wanting the need for the hospital whilst I was transitioning but I kept pacing and singing westlife songs (the other boys in my life now) and calmed myself down.

When I first mentioned a home birth, I did have 1 midwife who tried putting me off. Not a good idea to have younger kids present as it would scar them for life(her words) I would need my partner etc etc.. It did get my back up and annoyed me but I obviously soon took no heed.

Apart from that, I had a very positive home birth for the first time. The whole thing hasn’t hit me yet still. We can never believe when our babies are in our arms but I seriously can’t get over it this time. How amazing our bodies are, how amazing and caring my girls are.

I do have a video of the whole thing but I’m not going to post it and photos of me actually birthing the placenta, I near died?my partner went all out?. I did ask my partner if he was up to it ?so that all depended on him.

Also, what I didn’t know until later that night, was that my partner and 1 of the midwives were on the floor, making a heart shape with the cord. I had delayed clamping and with the girls, I needed the injection and with my eldest, I nearly had to go to theatre cos it wouldn’t come out.. They just came at me too soon so it was lovely, the afterbirth came out in its own. The cord was loosely wrapped round once and it was seriously very long?

I have experienced 3 different births and thankfully they didn’t come with any medical emergencies. I am so grateful and in awe of how fecking brilliant we really are ? The midwives were absolutely brilliant and very encouraging from the the home visit to actually help me achieve my home birth.

Thank you all on this group, I am going to stop rambling now and I probably have forgotten something but hey ho, I’m in my bubble still and loving every second ?Good luck to you all if you are still cooking and hoping you get the birth of your dreams ?

Samantha Says

What a fabulous birth story, a truly family affair – I do so love it when my group members choose to share their stories via my blog. These are strange times and as this shows the wheel turns in the most beautiful way.

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