Birth Before Arrival of Jessie Baby Number 10

Birth story of Jessie ?
Baby no10
7lb 4oz
BBA, HBAC, Grand Multip

I’ve had 3 previous homebirths with babies 3, 4 and 9 so there was no doubt in my mind that I wouldn’t give birth at home this time either.

(Baby number 9 Joey’s birth story can be read HERE).

I’d declined consultant care again, as I just find them stressful and not relevant to me. I also declined a GTT (gestational diabetes test) as they said I’d had a previous big baby! Yet baby in question was 8lb 6oz so hardly big!

The midwife I had with baby no9 was so nice and supportive that I requested her again for this pregnancy. She respected my wishes of not wanting to see a consultant and I had no pressure to see one or anything. She arranged my homebirth and got the kit delivered to me when I was 36wk so we were all set.

Then we got put on lockdown and trusts were cancelling homebirths here and there! I kept asking if homebirth was still on and was told yes but its a day by day decision if they have staff to send etc..

I was a nervous wreck thinking the worse and because im going against medical advice i was convinced they would say id have to go to hospital. I didn’t have childcare, so no idea how I  would have got to hospital so I had kind of got it into my head that I would birth alone, if I got a midwife then great, if not I’d deal with it.

Friday 27th March….from about 8pm i was getting tightenings that were every 10mins or so. I got in bed at 10pm but couldn’t settle, things were getting intense and I felt really sick and shakey.

I came downstairs and things seemed to get worse, baby felt so low down and now contractions every 5mins.

I put a post in the Home Birth Support Group UK, asking when to fill the pool. I left it a couple more hour and then woke the hubby up so he could sort the pool out. Once he had filled it, I wanted to lay down and I somehow managed to doze off for an hour, still having pains every 5mins but didn’t want to get in the pool yet.

At 6am the kids started waking up and things spaced out and i went and got laid in bed and things calmed down! By lunch time i just felt achy! So I’ve no idea what had happened! But hubby had emptied the pool and dried it off and put back out the way.

Monday 30th March…I had a pretty good sleep and woke at 6am to find I was bleeding! It was like a light period and had me worrying so I got checked out at the hospital, baby was happy and they said it could possibly be bloody show but keep an eye on it and come back if it gets any worse. I started to get crampy and contractions every 10mins again for around 6hr then it stopped!

Tuesday 31st March…pretty much the same as Monday, losing more blood but not any worse, really crampy, stop start contractions and was feeling really emotional and tired by this point. I went to bed really early and slept quite well.

Wednesday 1st April…woke at 4am feeling a bit sore and fed up, went to sort some washing out and made myself something to eat and drink then came back to lay in bed and watch tv. I managed to nod back off and woke in a better mood. About 1.30pm I went for a bath and started with contractions again every 10mins and I just wanted to cry! I was thinking here we go again!! I stayed in the bath for around  an hour and a half and once I got out the pressure was intense and contractions suddenly went to 7mins apart!

I messaged hubby downstairs around 3.30pm to say I think this is the real thing now!

So with everyone at home he got into action, we sent the kids upstairs, cleared the dining room and got the pool in, whilst that was filling he was sorting the kids tea and running around tidying up and stuff.

I was sat on my ball and now contracting every 5mins. By 5pm the pool was ready so I got in and it was bliss, was so nice to just sit in the warm water with music on just nice and calm.

Hubby kept popping his head in and asking how i am. I was still having contractions every 5 mins but they were getting stronger.

At around 6.45 i asked him to call the hospital as it was hurting now and felt I needed some support.

I’d held off calling in case they said they wouldn’t send anyone and that’s why i asked him to call so I wouldn’t have to deal with it. Because things were still only 5mins apart I didn’t think they would send anyone but they got midwife to call back and I could hear hubby saying he didn’t think it would be long as I wouldn’t talk to him lol. She said she would make her way to us. So a massive sigh of relief that we were having a midwife.

7.20pm I was lent over the pool when my waters popped. I decided at that point I best take my pants off lol so I asked hubby to help. I couldn’t feel her head or anything so thought we still had a bit of time yet.

Hubby went to put little one to bed but as soon as he went my body just started pushing and her head was suddenly there! I was shouting him to come back but he didn’t! I flipped onto my back so I could guide her head out and when he walked in I am just sat there calm as anything with her head out haha.

The next contraction and she just flew to the other side of the pool! He passed her to me and she did a huge cry which was amazing. He rang midwife to let her know baby was here and then he rang the hospital to let them know.

The hospital kept saying we need to ring 999! I was like why? And they just kept saying in case you bleed and if there is something wrong!

I told them “no I don’t want paramedics, I am fine, baby is fine, pool is clear and I am not having extra people in my house!” They gave in trying in the end and just said any concerns before midwife gets there then call 999 so I said ok and that was that.

The half an hour before the midwife got here was actually really nice and calm, no one touching me or clock watching it was just nice. 8pm midwife arrived. I agreed to the injection for the placenta so that was given whilst I was still in the pool.

It took an hour for the placenta to come away but it did eventually and once out I got out of the pool. They decided I had probably lost around 200ml of blood! So nothing at all.

The midwives left around 10pm and by 11pm the pool was emptied and put away and the house was back how it should be with no sign of what had happened.

So there we have it, I had another homebirth against medical advice and lived to tell the tale AGAIN ?

Samantha Says

I was so excited when Michelle announced her pregnancy in group, she is our second baby number 10 in group. As she learned with Joey, I cannot and would not give medical advice and can only suggest you do your own research, however there is very little evidence for the perceived risks of being a grand multigravida – which according to NICE Guidelines is a woman who is

“grand multiparity (more than six pregnancies)”

Although in their pathway “Intrapartum Care for Healthy Women” NICE reduce this number to 4.

1.14.29 Advise women with risk factors for postpartum haemorrhage to give birth in an obstetric unit, where more emergency treatment options are available……..

  • Antenatal risk factors:
    • grand multiparity (parity 4 or more)

A search of the Royal College of Gynaecologists used to bring back a paper – Parity and Postpartum Hemorrhage, which is all the information Michelle was given during her previous birth. This paper was very inconclusive in whether or not there is additional risk and has disappeared from their website.

For more information on a our freebirth and birth before arrival course in a group read HERE.

Welcome to the world Jesse and congratulations Michelle.

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Samantha Gadsden walks with women on their life’s journeys. She is an experienced Doula, based close to Cardiff in South Wales, mother to 4 children and wife to Eddie, more information can be found on her facebook page, Samantha Gadsden Doula and her website, Caerphilly DoulaSOS DoulaTelephone and online support is always available.

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