Home Birth Support Group UK

The Home Birth Support Group UK is a large, national on-line, peer to peer support group found on Facebook, the group is truly life changing for our members, facilitated and guided by Samantha, an experienced Doula and with many other birth workers contributing in group.

We are an incredibly supportive and interactive group, with wonderful evidence based units, on all topics, from freebirth to gestational diabetes, surrogacy, Group Strep B, “big baby”, and more, with resources and hundreds of birth stories on so many home birth related topics, including positive transfer stories.

The group cannot give or replace medical advice but can give information on options.

The donation to join is £25 for birth workers, with a suggested voluntary donation of £10 for birthing women and people or their partners, we NEVER exclude on finance so if this is an issue, then please let us know and you can access the group for free or a smaller donation.

Some members choose to give one off or ongoing amounts, once they have experienced the support of the group and of Samantha, in terms of the size of the group, all amounts make a difference, no matter how small.

You can gift any amount via paypal HERE.

Or via credit card.

You can join group – HERE. Please ensure you answer the group questions.

All of our members births are important to us and we support any changes to their birth pathway and all of our births. We find the group a little micro world of what happens when medical intervention during birth is restricted to those who need it – some of our members are supported in their birth choices, some make alternative decisions and some end up birthing in a hospital or midwife led unit (AMLU AMU BC) or stand alone birth centre.

For us, all births start at home – some stay there and my Home Birth Transfer Is Not A Failure, blog post discusses this in more detail.

We have regular topics of the month and our birth stories range from home freebirth, birth before arrivals, to planned in labour caesareans, hospital transfers and inductions. 

We also have access to a range of group discounts.

Our members are pretty fond of the group too – here are some of their words.

I haven’t birthed yet, but I joined because I had decided I wanted to have this baby at home and my lovely friend sent me an invitation to join. Being here has helped me think about the different aspects of home birth and imagine how it might be for us. It’s a really supportive space with lots of knowledge! Also the birth stories are really inspiring!

I had my baby before finding the group (homebirth) but it makes me so happy being able to advise other women and also to see other stories that are so similar to my own when in the real world stories like mine are few and far between!💗

I found the group because I KNEW I couldn’t have another baby in hospital. I wanted to be at home after a massive trust issue with my local (assigned) hospital.
So finding this group not only inspired me, but it supported my rights to choose xx

I had always wanted a home birth with all 5 babies but was never brave enough or knew I was aloud until I found this group that gave me the info and confidence to birth no 5 at home.

I was added to this group by my friend, and have found it to be a really supportive, informative group. I was certain of what I wanted this time round, being my third baby and second homebirth, but the group definitely helped me maintain my mindset- especially when it came to talk of post dates induction etc. I only wish it’d been around when I had my first 4 and 1/2 years ago; think one of the biggest regrets of my life will be going into hospital for “slow progress” with him, and the resulting traumatic birth took a lot to come to terms with. I happily recommend it to everyone as a great source of evidence based info, not just to those planning a homebirth!

This group is an amazing source of information and positive stories. I didn’t really know what a homebirth entailed versus MLU or Labour ward. The info here helped me to make my decision that I will (hopefully!) be having one. It has also taken away a lot of anxiety around it. Thanks!

I 100% would have gone to hospital if it wasn’t for this group! So glad I found it and you all gave me confidence to birth at home. I recommend it to everyone I meet thinking about home birthing x

Some of our members stories can be found on my blog and in my photo galleries.

If you are UK based and have an interest in home birth, come and join us.