Birth Pools And Tens Machines

I lend birth pools to women on a peer to peer, not for profit basis. 

The pools are NOT INSURED and you will need to sign a disclaimer. 

They pass from woman to woman and I ask that you wipe them over with Milton before deflating and that when you receive a pool that you blow it up and check it over. Full instructions are supplied.

All pools come with relevant pumps, tap adaptors (check they fit your tap), and 4 single use items, a new hose, liner, sieve and thermometer. 

They can be collected from myself in Maesycwmmer, my mother in Whitchurch in Cardiff and occasionally from other women. 

Cost is £75 and if the single use items are not used for any reason and are returned in their unopened, original packaging, then £60 will be refundable. My Anchors are also available for £5, refundable if not used.

All pools are Birth Pool In A Box Minis – I have found these big enough for a woman and her partner and as they take 40% less water than the next size up are easier and faster to fill and keep hot.

I also have a number of Tens Machines I lend out with pools (also not insured), with new pads. £10 (free to clients). Please test the batteries. If the pads are returned unused there is no charge – again I ask that you wipe the TENS machine over with anti bacterial spray and ensure you have spare batteries.

“Your Journey, Your Body, Your Baby, Your Birth”

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