National and Local Birth Pool And Tens Machine Hire

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National and local birth pool and tens machine hire.

I am thrilled to be a representative of the Birth Partnership a national birth pool hire company with local representatives. Supplying birth pool and tens machine hire through Wales, Scotland and England.

I can also supply liners, hoses, thermometers, sieves and other home birth accessories. 

You are also welcome to join my busy home birth group on Facebook – Home Birth Support Group UK.

Could I please ask if you book a pool through me or after finding this page you either drop my name in the box on check out, drop The Birth Partnership an email on, or by clicking HERE and let them know so they can track it back to me – thank you.

We can supply all of the major pools at a cost of £110-£120 delivered by courier and dropped of to a local drop off point. This includes all the accessories that you need for your water birth. 

All pools are professionally cleaned to high standards and from January all electrical equipment will be PAT Tested.

Both the Birth Partnership and I can be easily contacted with any queries.

We supply 

Birth Pool In A Box Mini £120

Birth Pool In a Box Regular £120

Made In Water La Bassine Original £110

Made In Water La Bassine Maxi Pool £110

Optional Extras

Optional extras include the Kaya Birthing Stool, birth pool covers, cleaning kits, mirrors, extra long hoses, spare liners, birth balls, essential oils and ELLE TENS machines.

Locally the most popular pool has been the Birth Pool In A Box Mini – I have found these big enough for a woman and her partner and as they take 40% less water than the next size up are easier and faster to fill and keep hot.

For clients and local women – I also personally have a number of Tens Machines I lend out with new pads. £10 (free to clients). Please test the batteries. I ask that you give the TENS machine over with anti bacterial spray and ensure you have spare batteries.

I am trained in aromatherapy for childbirth and personally I also sell and use in my work Neals Yard Essential Oils and Products.

Included in the Birth Pool Hire are

– Birth pool liner.
– Food grade hose.
– Submersible water pump.
– Electric inflate pump.
– Non-slip waterproof floor sheet.
– 3 different tap connectors (to cover all eventualities).
– Floating water birth thermometer.
– Debris net / strainer.
– Non-slip matting.
– Pair of gauntlets.
– Disposable apron.
– Pack of Clinell universal wipes.
– RCD adaptor.

– Contents & Information leaflet.
– Inflating & Filling instructions.
– Emptying, Cleaning, Deflating & Packing instructions.

Included in Birth Partnership TENS MACHINES are

– Elle TENS unit.
– Instructions.
– Set new universal TENS electrodes.
– Lead wires.
– Neck cord.
– Drug free guide to labour.
– 2 new AA batteries.
– All supplied in a hard carry case.

When placing your order please include details of how you came to The Birth Partnership  in order to enable the right representative to be allocated your hire. 

Autumn Violets Water Birth – Birth Pool In A Box Mini

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