You Will Never Birth at Home They Said

This is a poem about the barriers I faced and the subsequent triumphant birth of my fourth child at 42. It is the story of my 21 year journey from birth trauma to ecstatic birth. It is also a story of quietly not being pulled into endless discussion of risk.

Hospital Birth can also be an amazing, empowering experience - the key being that a woman's informed choices are respected.

You will never birth this baby at home, they said

You are too old, you must lay on a hospital bed

Be poked and prodded, ordered about, abused

I WILL NOT discuss this

I AM having a home birth

I repeated my mantra, Again and again

And then, day one of school holidays

My baby, my body, together they knew

On this day, at this time

It was the perfect moment

In a delicate mix of hormones

My rainbow knew it was time for the dance of his birth

How quickly he came, a storm of excitement

Of pain and pleasure and ecstasy

My body took over, the surges they grew

In the bath, on the floor

Eventually stood in the door

One arm high, one arm low

One final rush, one huge push

Not laid on a cold hospital bed

Stood In the bathroom doorway of my home

The bitter sweet moment of birthing my last born

It happened exactly at noon

In a flood of water and laughter

Of tears of joy, my perfectly perfect, little boy

Entered our world.

Many Thanks to Jo Robertson of Lillian Craze Birth Photography for the wonderful image.

Samantha Gadsden is an experienced Doula based close to Cardiff in South Wales, mother to 4 children and wife to Eddie, more information can be found on her facebook page, Samantha Gadsden Doula and website, Caerphilly Doula.

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