Paediatric First Aid - A Necessary Skill

Guest Blog By Jo Duddridge - Daisy First Aid

Why Learn Baby First Aid

We’d all know what to do in an emergency right? It would just come naturally yes? Or, I don’t need to know these skills as my husband/wife/mum/dad is first aid trained.

Simple Life Saving Information

The above could be someone’s reasoning for not attending a first aid class; I’ve heard them all. My answer is, everyone should possess basic paediatric first aid skills and we should refresh these skills yearly. When faced with an accident or serious illness involving our own child, our world can stand still. Blood rushes to your head, pounds in your ears, your breathing quickens, your heart rate soars….and you freeze. You’re scared, you wonder if you do know what to do?

Lack of information or knowledge contributes to those feelings of fright and helplessness. Attending a first aid class can help you massively in these situations, I always say knowledge is power. Learning first aid need not be scary, here at Daisy First Aid we have developed a class that is fun and informal, no scary stories, no awkward role play just simple, life saving information delivered by health care professionals.

First Aid Skills Are Vital

Babies and young children are inquisitive, they have little to no sense of fear and do not understand potential consequences of actions. This unfortunately can lead to accidents. Choking is a common worry among parents, prevalent especially at the weaning age, but can happen at any age when something is inhaled or swallowed and becomes blocked. First aid skills are vital in this situation as a child can become unconscious in just 4 minutes.

It Is As Simple As ABC

Babies and children can also be attracted to colourful objects such as laundry capsules, brightly coloured medications, berries on a tree…if ingested this could cause poisoning; knowing how to manage and monitor their ABC’s could save a life.

Children riding bikes or scooters or even taking a tumble in the playground could sustain a head injury; do I let them sleep? No, I’m sure I must keep them awake….find out what signs and symptoms to look out for in cases of head injuries, dispel the old wives tales.

When To Call For Medical Assistance

As well as accidents, our children could become unwell with fever, allergy or meningitis. You may have read something in the media but would you know what symptoms to look out for or when to call for medical assistance?

If you feel it is time to get the answer to all of these questions (and probably a lot more) then a paediatric first aid course is for you. Being a parent or carer can be hard and we get tired and there never seems enough hours in the day but we also know it can also be the most rewarding job!

The parenting journey is to be enjoyed, it really does pass by too quickly, one moment they are babes in arms, then a toddler and then probably a moody teenager (I’m yet to get to this stage!). Add a paediatric first aid class to your to-do list, have those skills under your belt and make the parenting journey just that bit easier!

How To Book?

I run Daisy First Aid Cardiff and Vale offering award winning classes to parents and carers. With a background as a paediatric nurse and a mum to 2 young girls, I am passionate about teaching first aid to empower parents and carers alike. If you would like to learn more about CPR, choking, head injuries, meningitis and a lot more, you can attend a venue class or host a class in the comfort of your own home. Contact Jo via email or browse the website for more info

Samantha Gadsden is an experienced Doula based close to Cardiff in South Wales, mother to 4 children and wife to Eddie, more information can be found on her facebook page, Samantha Gadsden Doula and website, Caerphilly Doula.

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