Who Were The Witches? 

I came across this when I was updating my book of chants. I had to blog it – I have always considered Doulas wise women of old. Click HERE for more information on National and Local Birth Pool and Tens hire. Who Were The Witches?   by Bonnie Lockhart copyright Bonnie Lockhart chorus: Who were the […]

Can I Encapsulate My Placenta If?

Having spoken to numerous women who have encapsulated their placentas, I have received nothing but positive feedback. Women often ask if they can have placenta encapsulation in different scenarios, so I turned to my good friend Jenny from Mama Bird Doula, an IPEN trained member of the Placenta Remedies Network for the answers. Click HERE for […]

The Lady of The Land

I often go to Drum Circles in South Wales and all over the country as well as other retreats and workshops, there is usually someone running things, but in the background there is often someone who works the sacred land on which we stand and whose hard work is often missed. ​Unless you have been […]

Sleeping On My Knee.

Life is at full speed in a family with 4 children. Sometimes though it finds a way to make you slow down. There are precious moments, when no matter how much you have to do, you just cannot do any of it. I wrote this in March 2015, when child 1 was 19, child 2, […]

When We Become One.

I wrote this after an Open Heart Meditation and Massage workshop at Conscious Connection Camp with the lovely Vishwam of Flowing With Life Stress Relief Clinic on my beloved Rainbow Fields. “When Did We Become One? Was it that first gentle kiss Lost now in the mists of time But also a perfect memory Seared […]