Home Birth for Gardeners

Early one morning, my client was in early labour, not really sure what to do with herself, her children were sleeping, snug in their beds – so I suggested a bath. Whilst I was running a nice warm bath for her to help her through those early stages, it sprung to mind how much she […]

Breast Feeding

Feeding on the Floor

Feeding on the Floor Outside Door 3 of Harrods to be Precise. Like a vagrant, people walked past me and stepped over me without a second glance, me and my invisible child, the 2 doormen there blindly refused to acknowledge my existence. But “Oh, the shoes!”. It an was an absorbing place to be – […]

Feminist Doula

This is NOT informed consent.

This is not informed consent, its a chart. Based on some recent experiences I have been left feeling somewhat unhappy with the way I watch birthing and pregnant women treated. The headline picture, that is not either informed consent or individualised care, it is a chart. Sometimes I take more care in explaining to my […]

Feminist Doula

You Can Dance Your Way Through Birth

However it unfolds the dance of birth will follow its tune. You can birth your baby in the way best for you. I was chatting to my friend Louise about my views around childbirth being a dance between mother and baby, when she casually mentioned that she had some photos taken at 36 weeks. I […]

Doula Training

Doula Training In And Around Cardiff and South Wales

Many of the Doula UK training providers are happy to come to South Wales and run training courses.  This includes Nurturing Birth, Developing Doulas, Conscious Birthing (my trainer) and Younique Postnatal. Who you choose as your training provider is a very important decision and one you should thoroughly research. Doula UK is the largest Doula organisation […]

Samantha Gadsden walks with women on their journey's through life. She is a feminist, a birth educator, a doula, a believer in and supporter of women and birth photographer living just outside Caerphilly in the South Wales Valleys with her husband Eddie and her 3 younger children.

Please contact her to guest blog and share your life and birth stories.

"Your Journey, Your Body, Your Baby, Your Birth"