Breech Birth

Undiagnosed Home Breech Birth

This is a guest blog post by a client and fellow blogger, Kate Lili, about her undiagnosed breech birth (which did end up in a NICU stay). Kate can also be found on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. "Oh to write about the birth of my second baby. I want to write it all down but […]

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Positive Birth Meetup – The Birth Room

Come and meet some of the members of the Cardiff and Caerphilly Positive Birth Movement Group for a friendly get together of pregnant women and those with an interest in positive birth. Donations towards venue hire appreciated. The Mama Meet Up will be in the same venue and there is plenty of space for toddlers […]

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Feminist Doula

Unassisted, Powerful Freebirth, South Wales

Peaceful, Uninterrupted, Unassisted and Powerful Freebirth, South Wales. The room was darkened, pool filled and brought up to the right temperature. Beautiful birth affirmations, coloured with love by the mother were on display. Fairy lights and lamps were lit. It was the early hours of the morning when the rest of the world was sleeping […]

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The Midwife Who Goes Above and Beyond

Using her own time, through social media, her working role, her knowledge, she tries to ensure women get to make informed choices. Where she can, she supports women as much as possible to have what they want and encourages them to think for themselves. She runs classes and tries to fill them. She appreciates the […]

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Positive Parenting

Me and My Shadow!

My children are too damn cute. So Boy 1 has soaked the bathroom. Me "E - I am feeling very angry right now can you please get dressed and go and play outside" My little 3 year old shadow "and me, me too I am very VERY angry". Me " Soaking the bathroom floor is […]

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Samantha Gadsden walks with women on their journey's through life. She is a feminist, a birth educator, a doula, a believer in and supporter of women and birth photographer living just outside Caerphilly in the South Wales Valleys with her husband Eddie and her 3 younger children.

Please contact her to guest blog and share your life and birth stories.

"Your Journey, Your Body, Your Baby, Your Birth"